2 Feb. 2015



An invitation to our orchestra in the concert

“Una Passeggiata d’Organo”




Dear professors of music schools,

  This is an invitation for a young music pupil or student to the concert series named “Una Passeggiata d’Organo” held in Hachioji Tokyo.  We expect to have a guest especially from Europe, Russia  and South america.

  I had worked for an electronics company for twenty years. After that I have been an instrument maker and I have been encouraging young musicians with preparing several concerts for them.


  Some families of the young musicians are willing to be a host family for a young musician aged around 18 ~ 20 which will be near the age of the sons or the daughters of the families.  We will pay all the domestic the costs during his/her stay, so the student will need to pay the flight tickets to Tokyo-Narita airport.

 I hope that this program will not only give students in both countries a wonderful experience but these small activities will also make a better relation between two countries in the future.

 The concert “Una Passeggiata d’Organo” will be held three times in a year. 


Sincerely yours.

Akihiko Yamanobe


 888-44 Katakura-cho, Hachioji, Tokyo   192-0914 Japan


tel  +81 42 635 3784

 In the channel “Una Passeggiata d’Organo” on YOUTUBE you will view several videos of orchestra and small ensemble including students and pupils.